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Car rental documents

ID Card Or Passport

At least 21 years old and the card has not expired.

Driving License

Not Expired and have been acquired for at least 1 year

Other supporting documents

Additional documents may be requested from the tenant.

Other Supporting Documents

Office Worker

Latest salary slip and employee card

For tourists / foreigners

Air Ticket or  Other ticket

business owner

Documents proving that you are the owner of the business, such as a taxpayer registration certificate, a company registration letter.


Student card, student status certificate *For students Parental guarantor is required. and must come to sign the contract on the day of car pick-up*

Use the car while waiting for repairs.

Repair Invoice, Warranty Claim, Garage or Service Center Receipt**Some service providers may request additional documents such as salary slips or proof of ownership of the business.

Booking conditions and services


– If The renter cancels within 24 hours after transferring the reservation fee The shop will refund the full amount.
– If The renter cancels suddenly before the pick-up date Or after transferring the reservation for more than 24 hours, The Shop will forfeit all deposits.
Areas for using the car : Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Lamphun, Lampang, Nan, Phayao, Phrae, Mea Hong Son Province Only.
The renter must specify the province that customers want to go.the shop will specify in the lease agreement  If the customer uses the vehicle outside the area specified in the contract
and the shop found, the contract was void And the shop can cancel the contract with forfeiting the full amount of the security deposit.
and report a crime to police .

Shuttle Service

– Free shuttle service to airports, arcades, train stations and downtown from 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM.
****Other than the specified area, the delivery fee is charged per kilometer (30 ฿ per kilometer). ****
****Outside of business hours charge 100฿ per hour***(Before 06.00 a.m. After 22:00 200฿ per hour)
****The renter must show the original Id card and driving lecense. On the day of pick-up
****When the renter has paid the reservation fee, please send the slip together with the name + phone number and the location of the pick-up-drop-off time of the car.
***The renter will receive a full refund of the security deposit on the day of return, provided the vehicle must be in perfect condition. The tenant must refuel himself to the level. Same as when the lessor delivers the car. If the tenant doesn’t comply with the conditions specified, the tenant agrees to the lessor immediately deduct expenses incurred from the security deposit***

****In the event that the car is damaged, the shop will charge the cost according to the case. (Details of expenses in each case are specified in the car rental

Lease agreement

1. The renter must be at least 21 years old and have an international driver’s license or a driving license issued by a government agency with the original document to be presented on the contract date.


2. Renter must fill the gas to the same level as when the renter delivers the vehicle / If the hirer fails to comply with the conditions, the renter allows the lessor to immediately deduct the costs incurred from the insurance.


3.  Delivering the vehicle late in the contract, the renter will have to pay the excess rental fee of 100-200 baht per hour and if the hirer sends the vehicle more than 4 hours later than specified in the contract, the renter will have to pay. Excess rent charged at 1 day level rental rate


4. The renter must use the vehicle only in the area specified in the contract. And use it for tourism Or to operate a business that is not illegal only The rental car is not used for commercial use. Or go on to commit an offense Or carrying illegal items in the car Or perform any other act in violation of state law If an offense occurs, the tenant is solely responsible.


5.  It is forbidden for the renter to bring the leased vehicle for subleasing or giving it to other people to drive.


6.  The tenant is responsible for all expenses. In the event of an accident and damage when the driver is under the influence of alcohol or drugs of any kind.


7.  In the event that the rented vehicle is lost or stolen for any reason. The renter is responsible for the full cost of the car. The lessor is not responsible for any cases that occur.


8.In the event that the rental car has an accident With no parties Or there are parties, but the tenant is at fault Or damage for any reason whatsoever, the lessee under this agreement is solely responsible for all expenses.

However, the tenant will have to pay for the damaged repair. Fines for incurred damages Various expenses Without any arguments at all As specified by the company (In the case of repair) and in the event that the car is damaged and cannot be repaired And cannot be used again The tenant is responsible for all but not more than 50,000 baht

And in repairing this car The lessor reserves the right to repair at the designated garage only. While the car is parked in the garage, the renter will pay the landlord an opportunity fee of 50% of the rental fee each day until the vehicle is repaired:


9.  In case of an accident With a party and the tenant is the right side The tenant is not liable for any damages incurred..


10. The lessor has checked the condition of the vehicle, engine and the car’s availability before delivery to the renter already But if the engine damage such as the radiator is dry, the battery is depleted. Or dry engine oil while renting a car The tenant must be responsible


11. Pets are not allowed. Drinking alcohol, smoking, vomiting, smelly food on the car or asphalt, if detected, the renter will have to pay for cleaning and deodorizing the car. Amount 3,000 baht


12. If the renter or other person has taken the car to do wrong Unlawfully Or violate the regulations of the traffic officer in any case, such as driving faster than the law. Or violate traffic rules The tenant will be responsible for the fine at all.


13. In the event that the renter driving the rented vehicle has an accident resulting in death, serious injury or damage to other people’s property. Until incurring various expenses The lessor is not responsible at all.

14.  In the event of an accident The tenant will be responsible for all expenses, whether they have arrived at the police station or must have the court determine the fault of compensation arising from the accident


15. In the case of tenants and co-tenants Change travel routes other than those specified in the rental agreement. Without notifying the lessor Otherwise, the lessor assumes the lessee has breached the contract and this agreement is considered invalid. And the lessor has the right to forfeit the security deposit And terminate the contract immediately without prior notice If the contract is canceled, the tenant agrees to immediately forfeit the security deposit. And empower police officers to take possession.


16.  In case the renter reports that the car is lost Tenants must show the real key to the lessor only. If there is no car key shown as above The tenant agrees to allow the lessor to report the prosecution for investigation. And must pay a fine not exceeding 50,000 baht.


17.  If all car interior devices are detected, such as car interior documents, car seats, spare tires, jacks, keys, etc. Damaged or lost During car rental The tenant must pay all the fines. According to the items charged by the lessor The lessor will apply the price threshold for the price of the car brand. Set up and charge the actual service fee The remote key is damaged or lost 2,000 baht fine, the car seat is stained and torn, and other equipment. The interior of the car is damaged, adjusted from 1,000 -3,000 baht (depending on the case)


18.  In the event of an accident Or the engine has a problem The tenant shall call and notify the landlord immediately within 24 hours unless it is not involved in an accident such as a puncture, the tenant needs to take corrective action by himself. Let the car be able to use normally, if the tires are broken, customers will have to buy brand tires And the original form to the lessor and return the lessor in a perfect manner


Fine Rate

Cause Fine

Smoking in the car

3,000 Baht

asphalt stain

500-1,500 Baht

Vomiting or stains that are difficult to clean

1,000-3,000 Baht

Lost keys

3,000-10,000 Baht
(Or according to the bill)

Car service fee In case of forgetting the key/lost key

Starting at 500 Baht
(Or by distance)

Service charge In the event of not filling up
Or driving more than the limit

300-3,000 Baht

Towing service fee in case of tire breakage, tire leak or accident

Starting 2,000 Baht

Service charge, payment of fines according to the order

300 Baht
(Does not include order fines)

return the car early (must inform 24 hours in advance)

Of the rent of the remaining days

first part damages In case of being at fault / without parties

Starting 1,000 Baht


All vehicles in the PD CAR FOR RENT system have basic 1st class insurance (which is included in the rental fee), but excludes deductibles in the event that the customer has an accident at fault or without a party.

In the event of an accident in which you are at fault or without a party, the car rental company will charge damages (the “deductible damages”) between 1,000 – 50,000 baht at the rates based on the vehicle type as follows:

Car Type Example The first part of the maximum damage is not more than (Baht)
Eco cars and small cars March / Almera / Yaris / Vios / City / Jazz / Ciaz 30,000
mid size car Altis / Civic / CHR / HRV / Slyphy / Juke 40,000
Big cars and SUVs Camry / Accord / Fortuner / CRV / Pajero / Teana 50,000

f the insurance company assesses the price, it means that the damage exceeds the specified coverage limit. The lessee/borrower agrees to be responsible for reimbursement for any excess expenses not covered by the insurance company.
Description : Insurance coverage and benefits

Basic 1st class insurance (Collision Damage Waiver : CDW with deductible for the first part)

In the event of an accident during the rental where the renter is at fault or does not have a party or the car has scratches from driving The renter is liable for damages incurred up to the deductible amount determined by the rental car company.



This protection covers only the vehicle. It does not cover other parts of the vehicle1 or any equipment. Existing in car 2 and does not include fines. various expenses The protection is effective only if the tenant complies with the terms of the rental.
1 such as glass, tires, wheel covers, wheel rims, interior, roof, or undercarriage of a vehicle.

2, such as baby chairs, GPS devices, accessories, keys important documents of the car or other personal property